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Dearly Beloved,

Thank you for visiting us. We appreciate God for your life and the great decision you have taken to be with us today. Our earnest prayer is that you will be greatly uplifted and the blessings of your fellowship with us shall abide in the precious name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. We are a Bible-centered, Holy Spirit led Reformed Church. Our mission is to raise worshippers who are passionate for God, winning in life, and positively changing lives through kingdom service to the glory of God. Our core values are righteousness, love and excellence. You are welcome to worship God with us by participating in our services, joining online, and following our social media platforms. God bless you.

Yours in Christ Service
Rev. Joseph Eton
Minister In-Charge

Our History

The Presbyterian Church of Nigeria is aware of its origins in the Reformation, especially for the enlightening ministries of John Calvin in Switzerland and John Knox in Scotland.
The Presbyterian Church of Nigeria is also indebted to the Presbyterian Church in Jamaica and the Jamaican Missionary Board for West Indies and Africa for taking the initiative to send five Jamaicans and the Rev. Hope Masterdon Waddell to Calabar in 1846 at the invitation of King Evamba V and King Eyo II and other chiefs of Calabar. The Presbyterian Church of Nigeria is also grateful to the Church of Scotland Mission for its generous support of further mission personnel bringing in the light of the gospel. The Presbyterian Church of Nigeria remembers the creation of the Presbytery of Biafra for the oversight of the congregations formed and Creek Town and Duke Town on September 1, 1858, and to be known as “The Presbyterian Church in Biafra.” The Church gives thanks to God for the memory of its first indigenous Nigerian minister, the Rev. Esien Esien Ukpabio, ordained to the holy ministry by the Presbytery of Biafra on April 9, 1872. The Church still rejoices when on May 4, 1921 the Synod of Biafra was formed, comprised of two Presbyteries. The Synod became “The Presbyterian Church of Eastern Nigeria” in June, 1952, and in recognition of its own national character and mission, in June 1960 changed its name to “The Presbyterian Church of Nigeria”.

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The Parish

The Presbyterian Church of Nigeria, First Abuja Parish was inaugurated on 8th April, 1984. It is comprised of Wuse, Zauda and Jeida Congregations. Mission Stations are Apo, Pegi, Abaji, Ogaminana, Kabusa, Kwali, Piyanko and Wuye.


The Assets of the PCN, FAP is held on trust by THE REGISTERED TRUSTEES of The Presbyterian Church of Nigeria.

Our Vision

To be a Bible-based Church, proclaiming to the world by preaching and example, the goodnews of the love of God through Jesus Christ His Son,under the guidance of the HolySpirit.

Our Mission

To carry the gospel to all parts of Nigeria and beyond through evangelism, discipleship, service and promotion of social righteousness.


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Statement Of Faith

These are the statements of Bible doctrine as believed and taught by the PRESBYTERIAN Church of Nigeria. Each of these statements of faith has been directly deduced from the Bible. We believe they are agreeable with any unbiased interpretation of the Bible. They constitute for us the fundamental doctrines and tenets of the Christian faith.

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