“Simon Peter answered and said, you are Christ, the son of the living God.”

The entire scriptures from Genesis to Revelation point to one fact and truth: WHO JESUS is! Your understanding of who Jesus is matters most to the God Head. You can never know who Jesus is in fullness until you personally encounter him by revelation and vision through your relationship and fellowship with him. (Isaiah 6:1-8, Acts 9:3-5). The revelation of who Jesus is to you is not TAUGHT BY MAN BUT REVEALED DIVINELY. (Matt.16:17). The word “Revelation” means to reveal, unveil, expose or show forth. Therefore, to understand who Christ is, you must go spiritual and it takes the following: sacrifice, separation, submission, fellowship with the Holy Spirit, fasting and prayers as well as meditating on the word of God always.

Sadly, there are many people today who have been around Jesus and still do not know who He is. This prompted Jesus’ probing question to his disciples: WHO DO YOU SAY I AM? Jesus asked this because he was looking for a specific answer and not a general one. Matthew 16:15 reveals Jesus Christ as that “I am” when Moses asked God who should I say sent me in Exodus 3:14.

Again, Jesus confirmed himself as that “I AM” when He told the Pharisees that he long existed before Abraham in John 8:58. The statement “who do you say I am”? is a universal question which only a few have an answer to. Peter by revelation stepped up and said; “you are the CHRIST”. He did not say “you are Jesus” because they already knew Him as such. Only Peter caught his revelation as the Christ, meaning “The Messiah,” the anointed one and the Saviour.

Indeed Jesus Christ is God (Philippians 2:6). In the light of these revelations, we must;
– Submit our time to God.
– Submit our hearts and will to Him.
– Yield ourselves to him because He gave us all of himself on the cross we surrender all of ourselves to Him.
– Present our bodies and lives to Him, so we can be like Him.

“Who do you say I AM?” is a question that will determine our eternal Destiny and how you live your life here on earth. If you are here and do not have a personal relationship with Him as Lord and Saviour, surrender all to him today. If you know him, take time to evaluate yourself if Jesus has all of you. Jesus Christ is coming back and soon!

Prayer: Oh Lord, give me a divine revelation of who you are and help me to know you personally. Amen.

  • Date:2021-11-13 10:30:22
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