INTRODUCTION: This topic has more to do with nation building. Rebuilding is never easy, it is even harder than starting from the scratch.

It is important to note that building is not limited to a place or location. Sometimes the hardest rebuilding is spiritual and emotional. Restoration of a house is easier than building a life after the loss of a loved one, marriage, health, job, or a major disappointment. Putting the pieces of life back after a devastating loss or failure is challenging. So, let the “Nehemiah” in you (which is the Holy Spirit) rise and defy every opposition and status quo, and begin to command, build and rebuild.

The mission of Nehemiah from our first Bible lesson was more than just rebuilding a wall. It was and still is a call for men and women to return to living fully for God. Doesn’t the church today have the exact mission? Why are we not living it? Nehemiah is a great study on leadership as well as obedience to God. His heart was burdened, and he cried to God to hear his prayer and grant him favour. Brethren, prayer is always the right response to challenges. Nehemiah’s method of prayer and outreach to God remain a model that we can all use.



First: Nehemiah was a man of faith, fasting and intercessory prayers. He earnestly interceded concerning the case of Jerusalem. Nehemiah 1:4-5.

Second: Nehemiah was a man of loyalty and service. You must rid yourself of pride and be given to service to both God and humanity Nehemiah 2:1

Third: Nehemiah was a visionary man of wisdom. He first of all sought God’s counsel before presenting his challenges to the king to get favour. He was smart and sensitive. Nehemiah 2:1-5.

Fourth: Nehemiah was a man that believed in team work. He is a team player and knows the kingdom assignment. Nation building is a collective one and not a one man responsibility. Nehemiah 2:18, 20.

Fifth: Nehemiah was a man that didn’t allow the mockery, discouragement, and disappointment of men to stop his dream, vision and passion. Nehemiah 2:19; 4:1-2.

Sixth: Nehemiah was a man that understood covenant and kingdom pattern. He did not build according to the flesh but according to the leading of the Holy Spirit. For instance, he built all the covenant gates of Zion accordingly…. The sheep gate, water gate, fish gate, old gate, valley gate, dung gate, fountain gate horse gate, and the East gate. Nehemiah 3:1-end.

Seventh: He was a man of planning, strategy and foresight. He prepared, planned, inspected and systematically analysed before executing. Nehemiah 2:11-16.

Eight: He knew how to control and tame his tongue. He was not talkative. Nehemiah 2:1-6.

Ninth: He was a warrior and a fighter, a man of spiritual warfare. A spiritual watchman and gate Keeper. Neh. 4:8-18.

Tenth: He was hard working and diligent. Neh. 4:21-23.

Eleventh: Nehemiah was a starter and a finisher. Neh. 6:3,7v1.


CONCLUSION: Until you arise and allow the sleeping “Nehemiah” in you to wake up, you will never amount to anything great in your generation for God. Isaiah 60:1; Judges 5:7.

  • Date:2021-11-13 10:30:22
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