The Lord has given us a great theme for the 2019 Harvest and Thanksgiving Service. It is ‘courageous harvesters’. Who are these courageous harvesters? How can we recognize them when we see them? What are their tribal marks and trademark?  We seek to unveil this rare gem in God’s kingdom. 

Mark of the courageous harvesters 

The overarching mark of courageous harvesters is that they have deep knowledge of God that they are bringing their harvest and thanksgiving to. This knowledge and understanding influences what they bring as harvest proceeds and how they bring the harvest proceeds.  Take note that in this harvest business, what we bring and how we bring matters! Hannah, the heroine of faith exemplifies how knowledge of God can influence the quality and quantity of our harvest.


  1. Hannah’s knowledge of the Almighty God made her to come to God with a sacrificial and costly harvest with overflowing worship and thanksgiving. This is also evident in the harvests of Noah (Genesis 8) and Mary (John 12) and Barnabas and the well to do brethren (Acts 4).


  1. Hannah’s knowledge of the Most Holy God made her to come with an undefiled harvest. Ditto Noah and Mary.


  1. Hannah’s knowledge of the King of Kings, the Possessor of the heavens and the earth made her to reverently bring her best as harvest proceeds to the Lord.


  1. Hannah’s knowledge of El-Shaddai, the Fount of Every Blessing, made her to thankfully bring rich and balanced harvest proceeds to the Lord.


  1. Hannah’s knowledge of the Consuming Fire who kills, impoverishes, afflicts and demotes made her to fearfully and carefully avoid bringing an unacceptable harvest to God.


  1. Hannah’s knowledge of the Just Judge of all the earth who gives to every one according to their deeds made her to strategically bring weighty harvest proceed to the Lord.


  1. Hannah’s knowledge of the Everlasting Rewarder made her to expectantly give all she had to God by faith.



Courageous harvesters are those who know their God and do exploits through their harvests (Daniel 11:35). Through their overflowing thanksgivings and harvests, they confound the kingdoms of darkness, contribute to the strength, harmony and unity in the Body of Christ and make God to command blessings and everlasting life on their generations (Psalm 133; Hebrews 11). Do you have this mark? Will you like to be counted among courageous harvesters? God’s grace is sufficient for you if you so desire.